Company Overview

About Us

Corporates have a future if they offer their customers benefits and provide solutions for the challenges to come. Narrow Ray Innovations Private Limited thinks and acts with this doctrine in mind, contributes fresh momentum to its prevailing activities and taps into innovative business areas.

The company, with its segments Renewable Energy, Industrial Supplies and Hygiene has evolved into a provider of integrated customer solutions regionally – as a leading project management company as a reliable partner for renewable energy solutions, as a forerunner in industrial supplies and for hygiene. This range gives Narrow Ray Innovations stability and a wide spectrum of growth potential.

Narrow Ray Innovations engages firm and productive growth while keeping an eye on its obligation for the common good and the interests of future generations. Increasingly, sustainability is the driving and motivating factor behind the strategic orientation – with an impact at all levels: in the long-standing business with customers.


At Narrow Ray Innovations we are confident that we not only have to agitate to make the world a better place by promoting sustainable energy solutions: we also must be coherent in our day-to-day work as a company. For this reason, we have formulated a series of actions to be in line with our Nation’s Sustainable Energy Development Goals for 2030.

These include a commitment to Sustainable and Non-Polluting Energy, with the implementation of solar power plants and the re-injection of energy into the grid when we do not need it. We also promote the objective of Decent Work and Economic Growth, through the improvement of conditions in the workplace with BPTW (Best Place to Work) projects, and we are committed to Gender Equality with the development of our own Equality Plan.

Company Managment Statement


We at Narrow Ray Innovations Private Limited, with the grace of Almighty God, is keen and geared up to meet our business needs at any level with highest precision. Our unswerving policy is Quality for justifiable growth.

Our committed obligation to execute the works, restless efforts to implement innovative ideas and technologies for enlightening high quality standards have helped us in attaining our goals. Our healthy relation that we maintain with all end users is another characteristic of success. We will always remain thankful to them for the kind of support they extended to us and the trust and confidence they have shown in us.

Our values are entrenched in our culture as the mainstay of our business conduct, reflecting our sense of duty and accountability in upholding our assurance towards contributing to the welfare of our country, its clienteles and the world around us wherever we operate.